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shoes for the stars

Salvatore Ferragamo and the stars’ shoe making Advertisements

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LEGO tweets

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Hero Fingers by Julian Wolkenstein

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see more from this project

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the 5th beatle

A cardboard chicken, created by animal charity the RSPCA, to launch their Good Business Awards, was spotted mimicking the iconic Beatles album cover at Abbey Road in London by the Daily Telegraph

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when very close is too close

Miroslav Underwear – Quality best appreciated up close

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live art

funny phrases by Wasted Rita here

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fragile-mermaid, 90cm x 54cm, digital print, 2010 see more works by Kim Joon

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Triple Structure 2009, 21″ x 14″ Graphite, Tape, Resin by Brooks Shane Salzwedel

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flying bread

ROLLO HESKETH HARVEY & HIS BREAD AEROPLANE, NORTHUMBERLAND, UK, 2009 see more of Tim Walker wonderful photographs

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